Exhibitor List

The Scottish Learning Festival is the leading education event in Scotland with the exhibition organised by Springboard Events.

The Exhibition offers a wide array of educational products and services from large organisations and niche suppliers all of whom inspire a host of new possibilities when it comes to education, different learning styles and abilities.

When visiting the new virtual 3D platform, you will be able to walk through the exhibition hall and visit stands as if you were there in person. Options such as “Chat” and “Video Call” are available for you to interact with exhibitors and ask questions.

The virtual stands will be populated with downloadable brochures, informative videos, product guides and more!



Our innovative 3D experience means that you will be able to explore a virtual exhibition area and connect with our exhibitors.

More details will be available soon.

An Taisbeanadh

Tha an t-eòlas innleachdach 3D againn a’ ciallachadh gum bi e comasach dhuibh raon taisbeanaidh bhiortual a rannsachadh agus ceangal a dhèanamh ris an luchd-taisbeanaidh againn.

Bidh barrachd fiosrachaidh ri fhaighinn a dh ’aithghearr.

Fiosrachadh luchd-taisbeanaidh
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